Wind, Fire, and Water Restoration Services

Any time your Home is damaged -whether it’s Wind,Fire, or Flood damage - it can throw you into shock.

What do I do?

Who do I call first?

At Advance moisture Protection Inc.,  we understand this is an extremely emotional time and we have the experience and knowledge to help guide you through. Our experienced staff will assess the situation and help put your home back together again.


Unsure of what to do next? Give us a call - We will guide you through.

Unexpected Roof Damage?

Emergency tarping services are available

If a storm just swept through your neighborhood and left your home with patches of missing shingles, don’t stress out. Did a Tree fall on your Roof? At Advance Moisture Protection, we understand life is full of emergency situations.  Call Advance Moisture Protections’ Wind, fire and Water team to deliver and set up emergency tarps. We will secure your roof with tarps to:

  • Protect from more roof debris falling
  • Protect your home from water damage
  • Act as a temporary fix until your repairs can be made or a new roof is installed

Call Now if you need emergency Tarping Services to Protect your home. 410-327-7663 after Hours calls 443-866-8575

Advance Moisture Protection 410-327-7663

Storm Preparation

Properly preparing for a storm can help to limit the devastating effects a hurricane or tropical storm can leave behind. The first step in storm preparation is to make a plan, go over that plan with your family so everyone knows what to expect and what is expected of them. Keep Safety your first priority, while no-one wants to lose their home or belongings, but things are replaceable, people are not. The best way to sure up your home is to use plywood to cover all glass exposure. The CDC offer great tips for preparing a plan and even were to start after the storm. Click on link to view article

We are always here to help rebuild. Keep your family and loved ones safe, we can help with the aftermath.

Emergency Services Available
Call- 443-866-8575